Corporate information

■Management Philosophy

With the total concept of "coloring your life and protecting your home",
We will provide our customers with excellent products and services, and contribute to improving and enhancing the quality of their lives.

■Company profile

Since our founding in 1940, we have been manufacturing and selling various paints, including architectural paints. and embarked on the development of untapped markets.

Since then, we have devoted ourselves to developing safe and easy-to-use home-use products and building a nationwide sales network. Both in name and reality, we have earned a high reputation as a top manufacturer of household paints. During this time, we developed water-based household paints, one-coat (one-time coating), non-hazardous and CFC-free "water-based new spray", and received the first "Eco Mark Product" certification for household paints. We have also taken the lead in the industry in terms of technology, such as the release of the industry's first paint sprayer with a gas release cap, and have played a role as a leader.

At the same time, we have expanded into the fields of interior goods such as wall paper and shoji paper, as well as house care products such as detergents and repair materials, and are making unremitting efforts to contribute to the improvement and fulfillment of living standards. continue.

■ Main business

Manufacture of paints and painting supplies for home and industrial use, interior goods such as wall paper, shoji paper, and glass sheets, house care products such as detergents, waxes, and repair agents, and gardening products for outdoor and garden use. , import and sale